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Partsbook is an amazing distribution channel that's available at your fingertips to increase aftermarket part sales or rid yourself of surplus material. If your margins are tight we offer a Pro subscription starting at as little as $99/month which comes with a host of features. Once you've established an online presence, take control by purchasing our B2B private label e-commerce solution.


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You’ve got an urgent need for spares. Partsbook is the comprehensive parts purchasing solution. Partsbook. Use your traditional vendors when you can, but turn to Partsbook when you need locomotive spare parts right now. Partsbook combines locomotive stock from a growing number of suppliers in the rail industry in one convenient portal. If your favorite vendor isn't already participating, tell them to get on board!


Trading Companies
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With our Enterprise membership membership you'll be able to buy from thousands of locomotive suppliers and sell to thousands of rail companies directly with no commission on either end of the track. Plus if you have distribution agreements, we can turn your supplier’s warehouse into your own by integrating their inventory under your name.