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Partsbook - Real Time Inventory


Prepare your Inventory Data

Extract your data from your inventory management software into Microsoft Excel or CSV format. Part number, description, quantity available for sale, condition, and unit of measure need to be clearly indicated. You may optionally provide a price if you don't need to use our price customization feature.


Automate your Daily Upload

We’ll provide you with an API key and FTP credentials to allow for a secure, fast transfer of data and assist you with the daily* extraction and upload of your data. Once you’ve established a regular, accurate, and reliable data stream your parts will be online, listed and fully accessible by all the Partsbook members.


Request Access

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*If you prefer you may optionally upload a spreadsheet manually once per 30 days. Partsbook will clasify these items as "for sale" but not "in stock". Products listed this way will be removed automatically after 90 days. Download the 1-pager.