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Why Partsbook? Simple.


Real-time Inventory

Our data is constantly being updated. Find spare parts worldwide including location, quantity, and condition. If they’re listed on Partsbook, they’re in stock.

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Get Pricing Quickly

Search by part number, description, or manufacturer. Narrow your query down by location, availability, and more. You’ll have direct contact with your vendors and can request pricing instantly.

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In-Depth Details and Historical Data

Find technical information on parts such as weight, dimensions, and application. Enterprise members have access to the average historical pricing for parts previously sold on Partsbook.

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Inter-Departmental Communication

Organize all your sales and procurement. Easily share information and assign tasks within your company. Search all past transactions by part or description or customer. Transfer documents securely, and more.

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Sell Stock You Don’t Need

Have too much of one or more parts? Sell your inventory that is taking up valuable space. Want to list your products? Getting started couldn’t be easier.

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  • Just type in a part number and go
  • Personal support - phone or email
  • Historical prices for 100,000+ parts
  • Members are vetted professionals
  • Inventory is accurately updated daily
  • Totally secure transactions

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